Ving Tsun Kung Fu

Ving Tsun (also spelled wing chun, wing tsun, ving tzun, etc.) is a style of Chinese kung fu which is suitable for self-defense and physical fitness for men and women of all ages.

Ving Tsun was founded in China during the Ching Dynasty and passed on as an exclusive fighting method until the mid-20th century. At that time, the late Grandmaster Yip Man brought the art from mainland China to Hong Kong in 1949. By the 1960's many students of GM Yip Man, such as the late Bruce Lee, began teaching and the art spread throughout Europe and North America. On August 24, 1967, the senior students of GM Yip Man established the Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong.

In the years that followed, Ving Tsun spread and is now practiced world-wide by close to 1 million practitioners in more than 64 countries. Today, many of the special military units around the world either teach Ving Tsun or incorporate it into their close-quarter battle (CQB) training programs.

The modern system of Ving Tsun is a systematic training method which allows the student to learn quickly. This training method is unique to Ving Tsun and brings students to a real level of self-defense skill in a short period of time.

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