Sifu Frerichs in Texas

Sifu Steve Frerichs recently returned from a 6-day trip to the NVTO headquarters in Austin, Texas. While there, he trained at both of the Austin schools and participated at the annual Summer Camp seminar held on July 21-22. The Summer Camp is one of the two big Austin seminars taught annually by Master Webb. It encompases 8 hours of intensive training over the course of a weekend and is open to NVTO students and instructors of all ranks.

Group Photo from the Texas Seminar.

During the Austin seminar, students were broken down into groups of similar rank to practice their own programs. Master Webb (6th degree) made the rounds from group to group and touched hands with every one of the participants. Assisting him were Sifu Robert George (4th degree), and several of the Austin instructor team. The high level of instruction and correction were evident and one advanced student from Dallas commented, "It was really great to work [chi-sau] section three with all the Sifus and get so many different perspectives. So many subtle pieces I had not seen before - I feel like I have a lot of new insights into the finer points of the section."


Left: Master Webb and Sifu Frerichs awarding certificates.
Right: Sifu Frerichs and Sifu Kenny Felton.

Sifu Kenny Felton (4th degree), Sifu Alex McCarrier (3rd degree), Sifu Steve Frerichs (3rd degree), Sifu Robert George (4th degree), and Sifu Harry Lundell (3rd degree).

The trip to Austin also gave Sifu Frerichs and Dai-Sifu Webb ample time to work on the PCE (Practical Combat Escrima) curriculum for the NVTO. Since re-introducing the Escrima training, the Austin schools now have more than 25 students who cross-train in both arts. Several of the advanced Escrima students in Austin were treated to a private small group lesson with Sifu Frerichs who worked to prepare them for their upcoming assistant instructor level.

Sifu Frerichs and Dai-Sifu Webb practicing Escrima.

Posted: July 26, 2012, 11:55 a.m.

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